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We at Bansal Trading Company have an excellent pool of talent. With varied experience, expertise and point of views, we get amazing ideas from these ignited minds. We proudly share this knowledge to enable collaborative innovation and at the same time hoard it as a blog on our website. Our Rosetta Stone does not carve the extraordinary wisdom of a few as a showcase, but facilitates everyone at Bansal Trading Company to express and write, liberated, not to impress but to express. Anything that comes to their mind, beyond what they have mastered, as a lifelong learner.

Silicone Elastomer Gel in Cosmetics


Silicone Elastomer Gel in Cosmetics Silicone elastomer gels are an elegant solution in cosmetics. It provides a sensitive touch to the skin that makes it feel more smooth. Eventually, such a smooth and silky experience of skin has become of the most desired attributes. In short, every skincare and cosmetic product implements its products for such results. Interestingly, our Elastomer gel will provide your skin the unique velvety soft feel your skin deserves. We are one of the most reliable…

Types and Advantages of Epoxy Curing Agents

Types and advantages of epoxy curing agents

Have you planned to get the epoxy flooring done at your workplace? Does the idea sound tricky to implement? Well, for professionals like us, it is child’s play. All your concerns regarding epoxy resin flooring and what curing agents to choose is now our concern. We have an experienced team, and with their knowledge and skill set, they deliver the best results. Our team has expertise in the field to decide what kind of epoxy resin you must go with…

What is Epoxy Flooring? How To Apply Epoxy Flooring

How To Apply Epoxy Flooring

What is Epoxy Flooring Are you looking for the most enduring and flooring for your place? For this, epoxy flooring is one most of the most practical options. Be it for commercial or industrial purposes, epoxy flooring suits such fields more efficiently in particular. On the other hand, applying normal tile, compact tiles & Kota Stone, joints will develop, but Epoxy resin can be seamless in any area. Most importantly, it is a thermosetting polymer that has distinct mechanical and…

Perfection is overrated that’s why we believe in expertise


Big dreams, bold aspirations, and a head full of ideas waiting to be executed – that’s all he had when he started out his venture. All that, plus, an unflinching quest for perfection. What if I told you that the real problem here was – perfection. For little did he know then that one could strive to be successful independent of the idea of being perfect. Even though one can search and find numerous ways of ‘How to be an…

Lightening and Brightening Agents

Lightening and Brightening Agents

Lightening and Brightening Agents: Everyone is addicted to fair, radiant, and wrinkle-free bright skin. The ethical debate around the aesthetic appeal for white skin and a coherent bias for it is rightly ongoing. Maturity in societal thinking and a more holistic approach towards beauty have now made bright and healthy skin more desirable and pleasing, rather than its color. In fact, healthy skin of dusky and dark color is now considered much more beautiful, akin to healthy body weight to…

Advantages of Using Soya Fatty Acids Over Soya Oil For Manufacturing Alkyd Resins

Advantages of using Soya Fatty Acids over Soya Oil for manufacturing Alkyd Resins c

What is Alkyd Resins Alkyd resins are basically thermoplastic resins that are made after heating the polyhydric alcohols with polybasic acids or their anhydrides. These are often used to make protective coatings with good weathering properties. In addition to that, they are also an important component of several synthetic paints owing to their versatility and low cost. Majorly, they are produced by the process of polycondensation of alcohol and a dicarboxylic acid or its anhydride. Properties of Alkyd Resins Alkyd…

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