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Big dreams, bold aspirations, and a head full of ideas waiting to be executed – that’s all he had when he started out his venture. All that, plus, an unflinching quest for perfection. What if I told you that the real problem here was – perfection. For little did he know then that one could strive to be successful independent of the idea of being perfect.

Even though one can search and find numerous ways of ‘How to be an expert at about anything’, but becoming an expert at ‘something’ isn’t that easy. As Werner Heisenberg once said, “An expert is someone who knows some of the worst mistakes that can be made in his subject, and how to avoid them.” We at Bansal Trading Company are avoiding and learning from the unavoidable since its inception in 1956.

With close to 8 decades of sustainable growth in the distribution and marketing agents for Chemicals and raw materials across industries, we have redefined and reimagined the world of expertise. Hence, one of the core pillars of the Bansal trading company is – expertise.

No matter how hard we work, no one ever tells us how not to be perfect. So, here are 4 ways in which we try not to be perfect, yet be perfectly imperfect with an edge of expertise.

1. We weren’t born to please all, but do our best to please most

So, let’s boil this down to one person that matters the most to us – You. We distribute in different countries around the globe with one common resolve – to serve our customers with better products and elite services at a rewarding price. Hence, the only language that we understand is a client-first ideology. Due to which we constantly make amends in our strategies to keep healthy and long-term relationships with our customers and partners alike. As we have learned to steer far away from the alliances that are delusional. Furthermore, one of the core pillars of Bansal Trading Company is – expertise. As we firmly believe in learning in order to enhance productivity and encourage employee efficiency at each level of our business module. The module is solidified by a team of one hundred passionate members who are dedicated to keeping the legacy afloat. Along with a network of 1000+ active customers the independent business development units of our group companies have portrayed, but only a fraction of our true excellence.

2. The more one explores the more one exploits

With an unparalleled legacy of over 75 years, we at Bansal Trading Company are pleased to be a dominating player in North India for Chemical distribution and industrial raw material. Need we say more. Perhaps, not but it’s always good to know the brand better. So, over the years we have not only launched new companies and product lines but also had the privilege to design and execute exceptional campaigns with the help of deep market intelligence. Whether it is a refining product, experimenting with the knowledge application to make work, work better for our clients, or simply building trade and industry awareness. We do things in an impeccable way. By maintaining a balance between the roles of an importer, exporter, distributor, or export representative we leave no stone unturned to be the best in business. This is why we cater to a varied range of industries like plastics, pigments, PVC leather, metal pre-treatment, paints, inks, and coatings, along with some personal and home care products. With over 650+ products to choose from, we are proud of our alliances that have not only helped us to be a market leader in most of our product lines but also gave us an opportunity to contribute to their industry growth.

3. Change is the only constant and we are proud to be constantly consistent

We are consistent in delivering value. For we rely not only on analysis but also on analytics to gain a thorough understanding of the market shift. As consumer behavior changes so does our need to innovate. If our expertise is what made us who we are then innovation is what challenges us to keep going. As the distribution of chemicals is our forte. Therefore, we not only analyze the market trends but also strategically handle the marketing for a strong foothold in the specified industry. Furthermore, by enabling the online payment gateways and AI automation we ensure secure and hassle-free transactions. Also, as far as the delivery is concerned, we have a strict policy of error-free internal checks for enhanced accuracy in packaging and documentation to provide on-time delivery. We love to be ahead of our time, with a zeal for relentless improvement we go beyond logistics to adapt and initialize the execution of robotic automation, IoT, quality checks, and compliances. Currently, we are also exploring the concept of predictive marketing to re-think and re-model the way we communicate in the new normal.

4. We generously invest in what you need

Ever heard of differentiating the want from a need. Like you might want to be a perfect marketer but you need to be an expert at creating a marketing strategy. We at Bansal Trading Company own around 150000 square feet of warehouse space. For we hate compromising on quality service at any given point of the supply chain journey. Our strength lies in acknowledging our weaknesses and coming on board to revise the strategies. Needless to say, we continue to reinvent with innovative software and technology to cater to your dynamic needs.

The only difference between us being an expert at what we do and not boasting to be perfect is – we have been persistent in practicing the art of ‘Expertise’.

For all I know, perfection is not a destination, but a journey waiting to be savored. Even though some days we fall prey to making everything perfect, but for now we are busy being an expert. Because some things can’t wait.

Just as finding perfect solutions is overrated. Be happy you found an expert instead.

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